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What Is a cadence?

What is a Cadence?



Pieter Bergé

Concertgebouwcahier : Johannes Brahms    
Concise cadence compendium
De leugens en de schaterlach    
Dies irae    
Hoe groen klinkt een gitaar?    
Homo audiens    
Kurt Weill    
Musical Form, Forms & Formenlehre    
Recevez ce mien petit labeur    
What Is a cadence?
What Is a cadence?    
Wie schreef het requiem van Mozart?    

Markus Neuwirth

Concise cadence compendium
What Is a cadence?
What Is a cadence?    

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Top 40 hitdossier 1965-2012    
What Is a cadence?
What Is a cadence?    
Artistic experimentation in music    
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John, Paul, Keith and Mick    
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Officia propria nobilium virginum thorensium
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MUSIC / Instruction & Study / Theory

What Is a cadence?
What Is a cadence?    
Improvising early music    
Ohne Worte    
De kleine noten lezen voor dummies    
The practice of the practising    
Unsayable music    
Partimento and Continuo Playing    
Dramma Giocoso    
Unfolding time
New Paths    
Two-dimensional sonata form    
Towards tonality    
Recognizing music as an art form    
Sémiotique et vécu musical    
The Dark Precursor | 1 The Dark Precursor in Sound and Writing    
Wolfgang Rihm, a Chiffre    
Composing under the skin    
Musical Form, Forms & Formenlehre    
Music, analysis, experience    
Experimental Encounters in Music and Beyond    
Artistic Research in Music: Discipline and Resistance    
Muziek voor de klas    
Muziektheorie voor Dummies    
Zo word je een songwriter    


Leuven University Press

What Is a cadence?
What Is a cadence?    
Jozef IJsewijn. Humanism in the Low Countries    
John Pagus on Aristotle's categories    
Plutarch's life of Nicias
Concise cadence compendium
Heterogeneous objects    
Ptolemy’s tetrabiblos in the translation of William of Moerbeke    
Embodied cognition and cinema    
After history
Images performing history    
Jean van Havre (Joannes Havraeus)    
Transforming Anthony Trollope    
The Photofilmic    
Amne adverso    
Que peindre? / what to paint?
Remembered reading    
Theatrical heritage    
Unfolding Time    
Fluid Flesh    
Supplementa Humanistica Lovaniensia XXIV | Spanish Humanism on the Verge of the Picaresque    
Karel Appel, Un geste de couleur/A Gesture of Colour    
Situational Aesthetics    
Humanistica Lovaniensia | Vol. LVIII - 2009    
Sam Francis, Lecon de Tenebres / Sam Francis, Lesson of Darkness    
Maurice Denis et la Belgique, 1890-1930    
The Dynamics of Religious Reform in Northern Europe, 1780-1920 | Political and Legal Perspectives    
Les Transformateurs Duchamp / Duchamp's TRANS/formers    
The Art of Strip Photography    
Lapis Lazuli from the Kiln    
Textes disperses / Miscellaneous texts F-E | 1 esthetique et theorie de l'art / aesthetics and theory of art    
La correspondance de Guillaume Budé et Juan Luis Vives
The modernization of Chinese art    
What happens when nothing happens    
The human recipe    
Autonomous architecture in Flanders    
Paper cities    
Plutarch’s science of natural problems    
Conceptual, Surrealist, Pictorial    
Gothic revival worldwide    
Diogenes of Oinoanda · Diogène d’Œnoanda    
Translating at the court    
Modern Islamic thinking and activism    
Andreae Alciati contra vitam monasticam epistula; Andrea Alciatos letter against monastic life    
Business planning for digital libraries    
Partimento and Continuo Playing    
Sexuality and psychoanalysis    
The churches    
Loci sacri