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A+BE Architecture and the Built Environment

Activerende gevels    
Advancing Transparency    
Affordable Condominium Housing    
African New Towns    
Anchoring the design process    
Architectural Record 1942-1967    
Architecture and the Time of Space    
Better public housing management in Ghana
Business Innovation Towards a Circular Economy    
Challenges of -­prefabricated housing in China    
Changing Values on Water in Delta Cities
Cities for or against citizens?
Cities in interaction    
Complex Adaptive Systems & Urban Morphogenesis
Computational Design of Indoor Arenas (CDIA)    
Corporate Real Estate alignment    
Countercurrent Heat Exchange Building Envelope Using Ceramic Components    
Dealing with Heritage    
Design and development of a system for vario-scale maps    
Design and Fabrication of Shell Structures    
Design with forms as well as patterns    
Diffusion and Risks of House Prices in the Netherlands    
Disclosing Interstices    
Energetische ­upgrading van ­Nederlandse Wederopbouw flats    
Energietransitie: omarm de complexiteit    
Energy in Dwellings
Energy performance progress of the Dutch non-profit housing stock: a longitudinal assessment    
Energy-­Efficient Office ­renovation    
Form Follows Force    
From the Village to the Neighbourhood    
Green Climate Control    
Harde stad, zachte stad    
Het handschrift van L.P. Roodbaard
Home ­Occupant Archetypes    
Housing Refurbishment for Energy Efficiency and Comfort    
How Heritage Learns    
Hybrid ­Intelligence in ­Architectural Robotic ­Materialization (HI-ARM)    
Immediate Systems in Architecture    
Improving the performance of hospitals    
In-Situ ­Determination of Buildings’ ­Thermo-Physical Characteristics    
Individually ­controlled noise reducing ­devices to improve IEQ in classrooms of primary schools    
Indoor semantic modelling for routing    
Integrated Urban River Corridors    
Karakteristiek Duurzaam Erfgoed in Gelderland – KaDEr-stellingen
Land in Limbo    
Landscape Strategies in Architecture    
Learning from co-housing initiatives    
Living with diversity in Jane Finch    
Managing Social Condominiums
Mapping Landscape Spaces    
Menging maakt verschil
nD-PointCloud Data Management
nD-PointCloud Data Management    
Occupant behavior and energy consumption in dwellings    
Open for business    
Paper in architecture    
Pearl ­River ­Delta: Scales, Times, ­Domains    
Physiomimetic Façade Design    
Planning with self‑organised initiatives: from fragmentation to resilience    
Privatisation of the Production of Public Space
Public Rental Housing ­Governance in Urban ­China    
Quality failures in ­Energy saving renovation ­projects in Northern China    
Re-use of Building Products in the Netherlands    
Regional Design    
Residents’ Perceptions of Impending Forced Relocation in Urban China
Rhine Cities - Urban Flood Integration (UFI)
Ruimtelijke transformaties van de steden in het Randstadgebied (12de-20ste eeuw)    
Rules, Power and Trust    
Samenspel in ­stedelijke vernieuwing    
Securing Healthy ­Circular ­Material Flows In The Built Environment    
Seditious Spaces    
Smart Campus Tools    
Smart Energy Dissipation
Socio-spatial change in Lithuania    
Space Design for Thermal Comfort and Energy Efficiency in Summer
Space Layout and Energy ­Performance    
Spatial Planning and Design for Resilience    
Spatial Planning for Urban Resilience in the Face of the Flood Risk    
Spatial Quality as a decisive criterion in flood risk strategies    
Stedebouwkundig(e) ­ontwerpen in woorden
Sustainable High-rises    
Synergetic Urban Landscape Planning in Rotterdam
The Art of Bridge Design    
The balancing act    
The Integration of LADM and IndoorGML to Support the Indoor Navigation Based on the User Access Rights
The Privatisation of a National Project    
The Spatial Dimension of Household Energy Consumption    
Thermal comfort and energy related occupancy behavior in Dutch residential dwellings | 2018    
Toekomstbestendig renoveren    
Towards ­Self-­Sufficient High-Rises    
Towards a Method of Participatory Planning in an Emerging Metropolitan Delta in the Context of Climate Change    
Towards a new policy direction for an improved housing delivery system in Nigerian cities
Towards an ­Architecture of ­Self-­reliance    
Trajectories of neighborhood change | 2018    
Transformation in Composition
Understanding comfort and health of outpatient workers in hospitals, a mixed-methods study    
Unveiling the third dimension of glass    
Urban ­informality shaped by labor    
Urban ­Renewal ­Decision-Making in China: Stakeholders, Process, and System ­Improvement    
Urban and regional heat island adaptation measures in the Netherlands    
Visibility, ­democratic public space and socially inclusive cities    
Work floor experiences of supply chain partnering in the Dutch housing sector    
Young People’s Housing Opportunity in Post-reform China


Haicheng Liu

nD-PointCloud Data Management
nD-PointCloud Data Management    

NUR Codes (sub)

640 Kunst algemeen

Breitner in Rotterdam    
Amsterdam gebouwd op palen    
Great War Fashion
Juane Xue    
Dijken van Nederland    
Dutch dikes    
Making landscape public, making public landscape / Landschap publiek maken / Publiek landschap maken, publiek landschap maken    
Nationaal Militair Museum    
Double Dutch    
Built environment | 2013-2014    
Onze jongens    
Simon Koene    
Een knaap a deux mains
Archiprix International Madrid | 2015    
Kunst en politiek    
Dat kan mijn kleine zusje ook    
Vincent van Gogh    
Michaël Borremans
Hollands bouwblok en publiek domein
Rietveldprijs 2009    
Armer en rijker    
Wall and Piece    
Stencil King    
The Faith of Graffiti    
Vrouwen die lezen zijn gevaarlijk    
De schilderkunst der Lage Landen | 2    
Organized Networks    
Second Opinion    
Phantom City    
Magnum Magnum    
Echte Katten    
De alledaagse en de geplande stad    
Plan B    
Van Vught & Van Gogh    
Rembrandt and his Circle    
100 huizen 100 iconen    
De 75 beroemdste bouwwerken van Nederland    
Frank Dekkers    
Schilders tussen Dinkel en Regge    
She who takes fear from the trees    
Samen sneller slimmer    
Lieve Lasten    
Tree of forgetfulness = Boom der vergetelheid = L 'Arbre de l'oubli = A bon fu frigiti    
Alexander, Napoleon & Joséphine    
Marius van Dokkum    
Mokum 50    



Over vaders en zonen    
Risico-identificatie bij locatieontwikkeling    
De Sint-Eusebiuskerk te Arnhem    
De Pieterskerk in Leiden    
Religious architecture    
De haven van Rotterdam    
The Port of Rotterdam    
The Flexible City    
De nieuwe generatie stadskinderen    
De Deltawerken    
De antistad    
Rotterdam groene stad    
Adolf Loos Architectuur en al het andere    
Rapids 2.0    
Atelier MA+P 30    
Kerkkappen in Nederland 1800-1970    
Behoud van binnen    
Smart about cities    
Building in the stubborn city Bouwen aan een weerbarstige stad    
Slim nieuwbouwen    
Slimme steden    
De 100 mooiste kerken van Noord-Brabant    
Voorbij de dijken    
Huizen in Delft    
Cees Dam. On architectuur    
Delft lectures on architectural design | 2015/2016
Waterwerken in Nederland    
Life is Ibiza    
The architecture Museum effect/ de effecten van architectuurmusea    
Architectuur — Werk in uitvoering    
Manufacturing Architecture
De Portugese synagoge in Amsterdam    
Waterworks in the Netherlands    
Challenging Glass 6 | Proceedings of the 6th Challenging Glass Conference
Cees Dam over architectuur    
Clive Wilkinson
Who's afraid of pink, orange & green?    
Think New Modern
Who's afraid of pink, orange & green?    
A white facade, 5 floors and an open door    
Goodbye Architecture    
Oase 100    
Kees Christiaanse Textbook    
Make it anew
IABR–2018+2020–The missing Link    
The making of La Forêt - Acht appartementen en twee penthouses in Doorn    
Writingplace Journal for Architecture and Literature 1    
Architectuur- en bouwgeschiedenis in perspectief    


TU Delft

Design and development of a system for vario-scale maps    
Form Follows Force    
The legal position and societal effects of security breach notification laws    
Architectuur — Werk in uitvoering    
Understanding the decision-­making process in homeowner energy retrofits    
Urban Scenes of a Port City    
Advancing Transparency    
Towards ­Self-­Sufficient High-Rises    
SPOOL | Cyber-physical Architecture #5
SPOOL | Cyber-physical Architecture | 4    
The Making of the Modern Iranian Capital    
nD-PointCloud Data Management
nD-PointCloud Data Management    
Het handschrift van L.P. Roodbaard


TU Delft Open