Etsen van Rembrandt en tijdgenoten    
Watermarks in Paper from the South-West of France, 1560-1860


Library of the Written Word - The Handpress World

A Maturing Market    
Before the Public Library    
Booksellers and Printers in Provincial France 1470-1600
Buying and Selling
Charles Areskine’s Library    
Denis Janot (fl. 1529-1544), Parisian Printer and Bookseller    
Dutch and Flemish Newspapers of the Seventeenth Century, 1618-1700 (2 Vols.    
Early Modern Media and the News in Europe    
Episodes in the Life of the Early Modern Learned Book
Forgetting Machines: Knowledge Management Evolution in Early Modern Europe
Forms, Formats and the Circulation of Knowledge    
Imagining the Americas in Print    
International Exchange in the Early Modern Book World    
Italian Watermarks 1750-1860    
Lost Books and Printing in London, 1557-1640    
Negotiating Conflict and Controversy in the Early Modern Book World    
News Networks in Early Modern Europe    
News, Business and Public Information    
Publishing for the Popes    
Publishing Subversive Texts in Elizabethan England and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth    
Scholarly Book Collecting in Restoration Scotland    
Spanish Books in the Europe of the Enlightenment (Paris and London    
Storing, Archiving, Organizing    
The Brand of Print
The Dutch Republic and the Birth of Modern Advertising    
The Library of Franeker University in Context, 1585-1843
The Texture of Images
Travelling Chronicles    
Trust and Proof    
Watermarks in Paper from the South-West of France, 1560-1860