Facing epistemic uncertainty
Grey Wisdom?    
Leefwerelden van jongeren    


UvA proefschriften

A German Catastrophe?    
Against all odds    
Arabeske of Gedachte    
Arguing about climate change    
Associative corporate governance
Attachment and Immigrants    
Benchmarking Carrots and Sticks    
Benchmarking Carrots and Sticks    
Chinese New Migrants in Suriname    
De jaren zestig herinnerd
De Kwetsbare Kijker    
De vrees voor wat niet kwam    
Duitse Iranpolitiek 1871-2005
Een grijs gat    
Emotional Satisfaction of Customer Contacts    
Ethnicity and Normativity. An anthropological study of normativity in everyday life of Gilak people in north of Iran
Ethno-territorial conflict and coexistence in the caucasus, central Asia and fereydan    
Facing epistemic uncertainty
Fundamentals of the Pure Spinor Formalism    
Geen bericht, goed bericht    
Geld voor GGZ    
Griekse atleten in de Romeinse Keizertijd    
Het geluid als een innerlijke beweging in de overdracht van een ervaring in de film
Het nieuwe theaterleren    
Islamic criminal law in Northern Nigeria
Kennis, macht en moraal    
Measurement-Driven Simulation of Complex Engineering Systems    
Multi - Girl - Culture    
Organizing distributed knowledge for collaborative action
Out of Place?    
Outsourcing planning    
Partition Functions for Supersymmetric Black Holes    
Persistent Poverty in the Netherlands
Persistent Poverty in the Netherlands    
Physical Manoeuvres to Prevent Vasovagal Syncope and Initial Orthostatic Hypotension    
Rituality and normativity. An anthropological study of public space, collective rituals and normative orders in Iran from 1848 to 2011
Roots gaan waar je vandaan komt    
Something for Everyone?    
Space in archaic Greek lyric
Space in archaic Greek lyric    
The added value of auditing in a non-mandatory environment
The Costs and Cost-effectiveness of Tuberculosis Control    
The Costs and Cost-effectiveness of Tuberculosis Control    
The Latin dialect of the Ager Faliscus    
The Owl and the Dove    
The Political Economy of Joining the European Union    
To Cooperate or not to Cooperate...?    
Topics in Market Microstructure    
Tussen liberalisme en conservatisme    
Urban livelihoods, institutions and inclusive governance in Nairobi    
Value-Based Planning for Teams of Agents in Stochastic Partially Observable Environments    
Verwantschap in Extremen    
Working Gendered Boundaries    
Working Gendered Boundaries