Film Serials and the American Cinema, 1910-1940    


Film culture in transition

A Revolution for the Screen    
Alexander Kluge    
Between stillness and motion    
Cinema and narrative complexity    
Color and empathy    
Danièle Huillet, Jean-Marie Straub    
Epistemic screens
Exhibiting cinema in contemporary art    
Figuring the past    
Film History as Media Archaeology    
Film Serials and the American Cinema, 1910-1940    
Futurist Cinema    
Hollywood in Cannes    
Hollywood is everywhere    
Improvising cinema    
Late Bresson and the Visual Arts    
LGBTQ Film Festivals    
Mapping the Moving Image    
Melodrama after the tears    
Modern ghost melodramas    
Moving Forward, Looking Back    
Neorealist Film Culture, 1945-1954    
New mythological figures in Spanish cinema    
New mythological figures in Spanish cinema (1975-1995)    
Sovereign violence    
Sovereign violence    
The Digital Image and Reality
The Uncanny Child in Transnational Cinema    
The Work of Terrence Malick    
Transition and transformation    
Visions of Vienna    
Walter ruttmann and the cinema of multiplicity    
Warped minds